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MOST Cardio, LLC.

121 Loring Ave. Suite 410, Salem, MA 01970

T: 888-808-2446  contact@mostcardio.com


MOST Cardio, LLC.

121 Loring Ave. Suite 410, Salem, MA 01970

T: 888-808-2446


Most Cardio, LLC.

Most Cardio LLC, utilizing its proprietary reposable design platform (reusable handle /station with disposable end effectors) and innovative combination of micro-robotics with nanotechnology is creating cardiovascular instrumentation for emulsification and removal of plaque from blocked arteries in a safe and minimally invasive way.

Who We Are

Headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, MOST CARDIO, LLC was founded in 2017 with a mission to design and deliver the best performing surgical devices in the cardiovascular space at the greatest possible value to hospital and surgery center customers and with the utmost achievable safety for patients. Minimally invasive surgery techniques, which are characterized by less trauma and faster recovery times for patients, have become increasingly common for a wide variety of medical procedures including cardiovascular surgery. Our safe Atherectomy products for plaque emulsification and removal from arteries stand to replace traditional heart bypass procedures, coronary cauterizations (stents) and angioplasty procedures, and will address the needs of a combined cardiovascular device market of over $16 Billion. Our proprietary and uniquely innovative technology stands to make this “game changing,” monumental opportunity a reality.


Product portfolio will include Robotic Control Station, allowing doctors to control safely the distal end of the following disposable end-effectors:

  • Proprietary guide wires with controlled distal robotic guidance that enable surgeons to navigate through vessels safer and deliver plaque Emulsifiers and plaque Extractors to Lesions and obstructions of blood flow through vessels and arteries.
  • Proprietary catheters enabling plaque removal without creating differential negative pressure that may lead to collapse of arteries.
  • Proprietary micro-emulsifiers capable of plaque emulsification into small particles without perforating the walls of the arteries, to achieve highest safety.
  • Proprietary extractor wires capable of plaque removal through special proprietary catheters.
  • MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) proprietary ports to enable MIS access through femoral and other arteries and minimize blood loss and potential infection during surgery.

The feasibility of development and commercialization of our disruptive technology has been proven in initial tests.  Most cardio technology stands to replace an $8 Billion Stent Industry and eliminate expensive and invasive heart bypass surgeries.

MOST CARDIO plans to initialize its product commercialization sequence with human tests within 18 months after completion of Round A-1 Financing.

The revolutionary disruptive technology that the company is poised to introduce will allow surgeons to perform plaque removal with safety, at a significantly lower cost to hospitals and surgery centers and much shorter recovery time for patients.  The design of the procedure and instrumentation kit is underway and guided by world class team of vascular surgeons and interventional cardiologists.  The proprietary manufacturing process of the extractor wires and superior price performance ratio stands to be unprecedented.


Cardiovascular instrumentation for MIS represents a large and growing market with a variety of interrelated sub-segments.  In the U.S., cardiovascular devices are used in over two million procedures per year. In addition, by incorporating the same proprietary reposable design concept, MOST CARDIO, LLC will expand its product breadth to include cardio and vascular access ports. According to the Millennium Research Group the overall worldwide target market for Cardio Vascular products is projected to exceed $32 billion in 2019.

Key Professionals

The founders of MOST CARDIO, LLC, Pavel Menn, Henri Deguillebon and Alec Stern (the “Founders”), have complementary, extensive medical device engineering and marketing expertise. The team consists of highly skilled professionals with a unique combination of technology, regulatory and engineering industry expertise, worldwide marketing, strategic partnerships, legal, finance and accounting expertise, as well as project management execution capabilities.

In the recent past, the MOST CARDIO, LLC team has developed and sold medical products such as patented reposable instrument platforms for minimally invasive surgeries, engineering products like patented linear actuators (currently in use by the Department of Defense) and a line of Consumer Independence Assurance Products that were patented, commercialized and launched in 2016.  This team has established an exceptional opportunity for the company to create strong pull through for its medical instrumentation product entries.

Key Investment Considerations and Ingredients for Success:

  • Current Investment: The Founders have invested meaningful time and resources in the design and development of their proprietary instrumentation technology platform
  • Products: differentiated design and superior functionality
  • People: Team of Talented and Experienced Professionals Committed to Excellence
  • Market: Strong Industry Fundamentals Driving Market Growth
  • Customer Benefits: Higher, Safer Performance at a Significantly Lower Cost
  • Financial Profile: Recurring Revenue Disposable Emulsification Tip, Retractor and Proprietary Catheters, Guide Wires, Insertion Ports
  • Future Growth Opportunities: Natural Transition Opportunities into Other Market Segments: Micro-robotics, Guided Micro-actuators for numerous Surgical Procedures
  • Investment / M&A: Attractive Investment Space with a History of strong investment focus and exit multiples

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